Chinatown Health Clinic Foundation 48th Gala

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Chinatown Health Clinic Foundation, a non-profit organization, held their 48th gala in Manhattan on May 9th. Hundreds of medical staffs and community members attended; Peggy Sheng and Yvonne Ghaw were awarded for their contributions to the Asian community.

Chinatown Health Clinic Foundation states that the funds raised will be used to support the Charles B. Wang Community Health Center and provide affordable quality medical care to the community. In addition, a golf tournament will also be held in the fall to enhance communication within the community.

Peggy Sheng is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Coalition of Asian-American IPA (CAIPA); CAIPA is regarded as a model of the independent practice association of the medical association and is committed to providing cultural needs, cost-effective and high-quality services to the community.

Yvonne Ghaw is one of the board of directors at Charles B. Wang Community Health Center. She has been dedicated to improving the health services of Asian communities over the past 30 years and is actively raising funds for the Foundation as well.

The Foundation also awarded “Mr. Xu Deshen Scholarship” to outstanding staff and encouraged them to strengthen their skills. The honorees are Shao Yiying, a health education educator for obstetrics and gynecology, and Lu Xiaoyu, a medical service promotion and event planner.

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