Emerald Star Karaoke Contest

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The finals of the “Emerald Star Karaoke Contest” were held recently in Chinatown, Let’s review the exciting moments of the event.

In the evening of the finals, the contestants were divided into two groups, the Baiyu Group and the Jadeite Group, to attract thousands of people to attend and watch the competition.

The contestants were dressed up and enthusiastically presented their singing talents.

Feng Jincheng, the group of Baiyu, was the first to start. With the song “Can’t say goodbye” of Alan Tam, he lighted the whole audience up.

“This event is for us over 55 years old, which gives us a pleasant stage and a healthy lifestyle. 〞

Du Ping from group Jade, came from China, recently learned how to sing. He won the third place with the classic Spanish folk song “La Spangnola”.

“I will keep learning no matter how old I am and put all the effort to what I really love,” He said.

It is the year of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Health First Care. The host aims to promote an interactive community by holding varieties of literary and recreational activities while providing health services. George Hulse, Deputy Director of the Health First Community Affairs Department states “Tonight is very special, we will give back to the Chinese and Asian-American communities and award the contribution of their efforts to New York City. The winners of both two groups won $600, $400 and $300. The champions of Group Baiyu and Group Jade are Chen Yumei and Zhu Ming. This is the 12th year of “Emerald Star Karaoke Contest” and has become an annual event of the community. The mission of the event was to enrich the lives of the elderly in communities and help them stay in a healthy lifestyle. One of the organizers, the Coalition of Asian-American IPA (CAIPA), is planning to establish a comprehensive medical center, which will bring in various specialists to enable people to find medical information in one place and high-quality care can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner. Dr. George Liu, President of the Coalition of Asian-American IPA: “We set up X-ray centers, chronic disease centers, help people with diabetes or heart disease, unit the specialists, let the community know that there is a good place to cure diseases.”

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