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There are 800,000 people who have heart strokes every year in the United States. On average, someone has a stroke every 40 seconds and Asians have a higher rate out of all others. In order to give the elders a chance to fully understand about the stroke, how to prevent and related knowledge; CAMS, University Settlement, Manning Pharmacy, and The Chinese Youth Association hosted a seminar on 22nd at University Settlement, Houston Street Center. The Prevent Heart Stroke Expo attracted more than 100 people. Other than heart health lecture, there were professional medical assistance provided them a cardio-health exercises lesson, offered free vegetarian lunch to the public and had a raffle game at the end of the event.

Tian Yao, a brain neurologist at Mount Sinai, gave a speech on how to identify and preventing a brain stroke. He said that 40% of stroke patients are male and 60% are female. 80% of the strokes are preventable. When you found out that you have a stroke, it is better to have a treatment as soon as possible to have a better result. He also pointed out that the current surveys show there are more Asian patients than the whites. He believes the one possible reason is that Asian communities don’t have enough recognition and awareness of preventing strokes.  They often ignoring some of the usual health details which lead them to have more vulnerable to strokes. Tian also said that patients with hypertension, obesity, arrhythmia, high cholesterol, arterial stenosis, diabetes and has a family history of stroke will have a higher risk to get a stroke. There are two types of brain stroke, one is cerebral ischemia and another one is a cerebral hemorrhage. When a stroke happens, 2 million brain cells will die every minute; so please call 911 immediately. Common stroke symptoms include weakness or numbness on the ace/hand/arm/leg/foot, mouth licking, drooling, difficulty speaking, dizziness, vision changes, difficulty walking and etc. The good news is there is an emergency treatment plan within 24 hours. In able to prevent a stroke, you need to keep your blood pressure at 110-120/70 to control cholesterol and diabetes,  check for atrial fibrillation and blood circulation problems.

Smokers should quit smoking because there are four times more likely to have a stroke than non-smokers. In addition, you shouldn’t be drinking more than 1 to 2 cups of alcohol per day and do some exercise three times a week. As for eating habits, you should be eating low-sodium and low-calorie meals. If you have a stroke, you can ask for help through physical therapy, speech therapy, recreational therapy, and occupational therapy.

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