World Journal – SEAL Foundation’s Donation to Support CAIPA Reopening

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New York, NY – Jun 16, 2020 –New York, New York – Thanks to the SEAL Foundation (, the Coalition of Asian-American IPA (CAIPA) is grateful to accept its donation of almost 5,000 KN95 masks to support the reopening of CAIPA medical offices.

The masks play a critical and potentially life-saving role for hospitals and first responders who are contending with the pandemic. In addition to the SEAL Foundation, CAIPA has been gathering monetary and protective supply donations to over 50 hospitals and nursing homes to support ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts across the metro New York City area since early March.  CAIPA represents more than 1,100 physicians and applied healthcare professionals in the five boroughs of New York City.  CAIPA President and CEO Dr. Liu reminds the community that it is important to keep wearing mask during summertime.

SEAL Foundation (D.B.A. Special Elite Aligned Leaders Foundation) is a non-profit organization (, created to organize and operate exclusively for purposes of charitable and community services engaged in assisting children and their families. SEAL Foundation helps families and children who need special attention with general welfare, health, education, and dignity of life throughout their diversified and mixed culture communities.  For more information about its donations, please visit

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