CAIPA (Coalition of Asian-American IPA) is one of the most successful independent practice associations in Greater New York with over 1,000 private practice providers, covering over 70 specialties. Our provider network currently provides medical services and care to about half-a-million patient population in the Asian community. At CAIPA, our mission has always been to unite the top health professionals to deliver culturally sensitive and quality care, utilizing the most cost-effective approach.

Our Achievement History

As a physician organization, the CAIPA Board, committees and physicians, provide valuable inputs in the managed care decision-making process at the highest levels, so high-quality patient care can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner. CAIPA is actively involved in the development and implementation of value-based-payment programs which provide financial rewards for high-performing physicians. The IPA board members and staff offer many educational and advocacy opportunities that can assist physician practices in every possible way.

Additionally, the IPA network management group interfaces daily with health plan staff members to resolve issues and provide education on policies and programs. CAIPA sets strategic direction to develop a cache of “value-added service” partners to deliver valuable products and services to IPA physician practices to help meet the needs of the future practice of medicine.

Over the past 20 years, CAIPA has greatly increased the scope of services it provides for the community and its provider members. In 2018 CAIPA formed the CAIPA MSO (Management Service Organization), built a Point of Care application to improve population health, established the Asian Contact Center which performs outreach to patients as well as answering service functions for physicians. These initiatives are helping to transform CAIPA into a more complex healthcare delivery system that can provide better care to its patients.

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