Mayor Eric Adams Honors CAIPA Dr. Wang Yaoming at Lunar New Year Celebration


Congratulations were warmly extended to Dr. Wang Yaoming, President of the Flushing Chinese Business Association (FCBA) and a physician member of CAIPA, for receiving commendation from the mayor! CAIPA’s guest doctors invited to the celebration included Dr. Xiao Yonghong, Dr. Wu Qiong, Dr. Pauline Lau, Dr. Gong Lin, Dr. Wang Yulin, and others.

Dr. YaoMing Wang Re-elected as FCBA President

Dr. YaoMing Wang1

In celebration of the 42nd Anniversary Gala, the CAIPA administration team participated in the FCBA Flushing Chinese Business Association event. Warm congratulations to Dr. YaoMing Wang, once again elected as FCBA President and recognized as a valued member of CAIPA!

World Journal – Ron Kim Allocates $30k for Community Mental Health Project

Ron Kim Mental Health2

《世界日報》- 紐約州眾議員、州眾議會老齡委主席金兌錫(Ron Kim)12日宣布,為亞美醫師協會(CAIPA) 「社區心理健康項目」(Community Mental Health Project)爭取到3萬元撥款,將為生活困難及弱勢民眾提供社會服務和資源,資金由亞美醫協兒童和家庭服務辦公室管理。

Mid-Autumn Festival with Glow Cultural Center

IMG 3565

It was a mid-autumn festival celebration! CAIPA was invited to the 2023 Fall Festival event, jointly organized by the Glow Foundation and City Council member Sandra Ung. Everyone savored the crisp autumn air while participating in various activities and savoring treats, creating lasting memories.

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