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As a physician organization, the CAIPA Board, committees and physicians, provide constructive inputs in the managed care decision-making process at the highest levels so that high-quality patient care can be achieved in the most cost-effective manner. Additionally, CAIPA is actively involved in the development and implementation of pay-for-performance programs which provide financial rewards for high performing physicians. The IPA board members and staff offer a number of educational and advocacy opportunities that can assist IPA practices.

In addition, the IPA network management group interfaces daily with health plan staff to resolve issues and provide education on policies and programs. The IPA also has set a strategic direction to develop a cache of Value-Added Service partners to deliver valuable products and services to IPA physician practices to help meet the demands of the future practice of medicine.

Chart Review

CAIPA works with health plans and their vendors to improve both clinical and performance outcomes.


CAIPA's relationships with members, affiliates and business partners are built on earned trust.


CAIPA places the interests of our managed organizations first in all contract decisions.


We will work with your practice to ensure that all necessary documents are in place and submitted.

Group Discount Purchasing

CAIPA negotiates value-added arrangements with organizations that help our partners be more efficient.

IT Support

CAIPA has a team of technical professionals to help our providers implement technology.

Marketing & Communications

The team develops strategic plans through various communications channels and collaboration.

Network Management

The main goal of CAIPA network management is to promote quality and clinical excellence.

Population Health

Care Coordination | Home Visit Program | Individualized Physician Management Services.

Provider Engagement

There are three keys to success in value-based contracts for IPA and its providers.

Provider Relations

The Provider Relations team at CAIPA is committed to the physicians and office staff in our network.

Quality & Risk Adjustment

The CAIPA Quality Team strives to support UNICO providers in delivering high quality care.