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China Press – Ron Kim Awards CAIPA with a Certificate of Recognition

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New York State Assemblymember Ron Kim, Chair of the Committee on Aging, recently presented a commendation to the Chinese American Independent Practice Association (CAIPA) at the New York State Assembly’s 2024 Lunar New Year event. Ron Kim awarded CAIPA with a certificate of recognition for its outstanding contributions to the New York Asian American community. CAIPA, which comprises over 1,000 medical clinics covering more than 70 specialties, has provided medical services to nearly 500,000 people and initiated numerous activities benefiting the community.


In his speech, Ron Kim expressed his pride and honor as an Asian American and New York State Assemblyman. He shared stories of his family’s past, their immigrant journey, and struggles, as well as the thriving development of the Asian American community. He pledged to work even harder to protect and fight for them when so many in the Asian American community seek more assistance, representation, and increased security measures. He highlighted recent achievements, such as the resolution he pushed alongside other legislators, including State Senator John Liu, to designate the Lunar New Year as a New York State holiday, and successful efforts to provide more resources to the community. He expressed sincere admiration and appreciation for the achievements and resilience of Asian Americans.


“I have witnessed and experienced the joys and struggles of the Asian American immigrant experience throughout my life. My family came here because they believed in the promises and values of America,” said Ron Kim, adding that this Lunar New Year, they are closer to realizing those values. He thanked his colleagues for helping pass the resolution and expressed gratitude to this year’s awardee, CAIPA, for their outstanding service to the community.


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