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“Our Community, Our Voice” Booklet Provides Support and Guidance on Asian Hate Crimes

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CAIPA Foundation, Inc. has joined forces with Homecrest Community Services, Inc. to produce “Our Community, Our Voice” booklets aimed at combating hate crimes in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Available in both Chinese and English versions, these booklets are being freely distributed to empower and support those affected. The initiative has garnered significant attention from local media, with leading Chinese outlets like World Journal and Sing Tao Daily prominently featuring the story on their local front pages.

Within these booklets, eight AAPI seniors bravely share their personal experiences of discrimination, unequal treatment, and even hate crimes endured during the pandemic. One of them is brave Mrs. Leung, aged 89, who survived a violent attack in 2020 and now shares her story to encourage others to seek help and speak up against injustice.
CAIPA Vice President Dr. Johanson Chang and Board of Director member Dr. Hong Ye highlights the disparities in healthcare experienced by AAPI individuals during the pandemic. Despite risking their health to combat the virus, they faced discrimination solely based on their ethnicity. Their message emphasizes the importance of unity across all ethnic groups in the fight against hate crimes.
Additionally, CAIPA psychiatrists Dr. Xu Zhang Chen and Jianping Zhang provide valuable insights into mental health issues exacerbated by discrimination and violence. They stress the importance of seeking professional assistance for anyone experiencing mental pressure that affects their daily life, challenging the stigma surrounding mental health care.
These invaluable booklets are available free of charge to anyone in need. To obtain copies, individuals can reach out to Homecrest Community Services, Inc. at and or contact CFI Joy Lan at Together, let us stand united against hate and support those in our communities who need it most.”
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Our Community Our Voice Booklet – ENG
Hate Crime Booklet – CH


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