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WJ Exclusive – Dr. George Liu From Discrimination to Role Model

World Journal featured an exclusive interview with Dr. George Liu, President and CEO of CAIPA, highlighting the history of Chinese providers and patients from facing discrimination to becoming role models over the past 40 years. Dr. Liu detailed how he and other Chinese doctors established the Chinese American Independent Practice Association (also known as Coalition of Asian-American IPA, CAIPA) to advocate for their rights and enhance healthcare quality within the AAPI community.

Dr. Liu noted that although the situation has improved, AAPI communities continue to face challenges such as language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, and distrust of the medical process. He emphasized that the lack of acceptance of hospice care is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention. To address this, CAIPA has partnered with numerous home-based care plans and conducted outreach activities to promote the “PACE” program, which provides family care for elderly patients. This initiative seeks to mitigate the issue of patients being unable to visit providers regularly, which can lead to preventable diseases. Furthermore, CAIPA is committed to promoting mental health programs, patient support initiatives, community resource integration, and other projects to better serve the community.

Looking to the future, Dr. Liu stated that many Chinese Americans have become leading figures in various medical fields, and their achievements inspire others to pursue innovative research and explore new possibilities. He emphasized the importance of focusing on research within AAPI communities and promoting independent studies on topics such as diabetes and dementia, which have positively impacted the pharmaceutical industry and medical care. “I hope we can work together to improve the health of the AAPI community and ensure that all our members enjoy a beautiful and healthy future,” he added.


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